Biom C W

Item nr. 091503-01674


Size range:

35 36 37 38 39 40 41
3 / 3.5 4 4.5 / 5 5.5 5 / 5.5 6 / 6.5 7 / 7.5
2½-3 4-4½ 5 5½-6 6½-7 7.5
215 220-225 230 235 240-245 250 263
  • Advanced running shoes specifically designed for runners with an 8 minute/kilometre average running speed
  • Synthetic rubber sole features forefoot with improved flexibility
  • Biomechanically engineered to provide runners with support that works with the movements of the foot
  • Uppers are made from breathable yak leather for a superb inner climate
  • Ideal fit created by scanning 2500 feet


Full grain leather



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Size guide - Women

At ECCO we are committed to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible. The best way to make sure that you order the right size is to measure your feet and then compare it with the size chart below to find the appropriate size. Please follow these 4 simple steps to accurately measure your feet:

  • All your need to measure your feet from heel to toe is a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.

  • Place the paper on the floor up against a wall. Place the heel against the wall.

  • Mark the longest part of your foot on the paper. Repeat procedure with the other foot.

  • Measure the length of each mark and match it with the size chart. Let the longest foot decide the shoe size.

215 35 3/3.5 2½-3
220-225 36 4
230 37 4.5/5 4-4½
235 38 5.5 5
240-245 39 5/5.5 5½-6
250 40 6/6.5 6½-7
263 41 7/7.5 7.5
270 42 8/8.5 8/8.5
277 43 9/9.5 9

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    <small>BIOM® NATURAL MOTION®</small>


    BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® technology is based on the natural shape and movement of the foot. It encourages the muscles and ligaments in your leg and foot to strengthen with every step — making your movements more efficient and smooth, and allowing for a more powerful push-off. BIOM’s key elements are reduced seam construction, an anatomical last which is designed to match the curves of your foot, low-to-the-ground construction, and easy flexibility. These features create an embracing glove-like fit that frees you to move with barefoot ease and efficiency.

  • Breathable

    Soft 2.0 uppers are made from rich soft leathers that are light and breathable.

  • Climate

    Soft and comfortable textile lining and removable inlay ensure perfect inner climate.

  • Flexible

    The direct-injected PU sole provides high level comfort, durability, lightness and flexibility.

Making 1984 look like 2015

Original logo

We have added the original ECCO logo from 1984 to emphasize the retro look and pay homage to our heritage.

Higher outsole

We have enhanced the height of the heel on the highly comfortable, hard-wearing and flexible sole.

Updated shape

We have updated the look to the 21st century by making the shape longer and slimmer.