Care tips for leather bags

Preserve the beauty

  • Protection

    ECCO Leather Lotion protects and conditions the leather of your smooth leather bag.

  • Water-based

    ECCO Leather Lotion is a gentle water-based solution, free from harsh chemicals.

  • Reviving

    ECCO Leather Lotion revives the look and feel of your leather bag.

How to use ECCO Leather Lotion?

We developed this lotion especially for smooth handbag leathers. It contains a fine blend of conditioning oils and waxes to clean, condition and preserve the condition of your smooth leather handbags.

1. Apply the lotion in a gentle and even manner onto the clean leather surface.

2. Allow at least 10 minutes for the lotion to dry and brush the leather with a soft cloth afterwards.

6 ways to prolong the life of your leather bag

    • Scratches

      Keep your bag away from rough surfaces to reduce the risk of scratches.

    • Overfilling

      If you’re not careful and overfill your handbag, soon it will lose its shape.

    • Chemicals

      Avoid contact with products containing chemicals – hand cream, make-up and perfume.

    • Water

      If your bag gets wet, let it dry and rub gently with a soft, non-coloured, absorbent cloth. 

    • Lotion

      Regularly apply ECCO Leather Lotion to nourish and revive your bag’s look and feel.

    • Storage

      Avoid storing your bag in high temperatures or high humidity, keep in a protective dust bag.


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