Get your summer shimmer on

This summer shimmering warm metal is IT. And with the new Bouillon sandal you can be the fashionable centre of attention where you go – morning, day or night!

Timeless and casual

Stay cool all summer long with a pair of exclusive yet casual slip on shoes and a bag that will stand the test of time.

Cruise south for summer

If you are heading south for a summer cruise, here is the sandal that will make you feel best prepared for any holiday adventure.

Sculptured Elegance

Polish your style with one or all of our 4 minimalistic and versatile Sculptured bags.

Keep your cool in Caden

Caden is a modified design of the classic 80’s sneakers for both boys and girls. A mix of raw denim, canvas and smooth or shiny leather.

Keep every opportunity open

Want shoes that make you feel free and allow you to go anywhere? See, why BIOM Ultra is all about freedom.