If golf is your game. These are your

Golf shoes

Passionate golfers make the best golf shoemakers. That’s why some of the world’s best golf players only play in ECCO shoes. Maybe it’s due to the ultra-lightweight, anatomical construction that brings you closer to the ground and increases the power and stability in every swing.

Hybrid Styles

ECCO Hybrid Styles are worn on greens by dozens of top players. With the performance hybrid shoe we marked a major advancement in golf shoe technology combining an array of patented, award-winning ECCO technologies.

Spiked Styles

ECCO Spiked Styles is a patented, convention-breaking shoe design, born from the foot’s natural system for absorbing impact. Experience a natural motion golf shoe, created to help you feel and perform your best.

Shoe Technology

Our award winning patented dynamic traction system is a hybrid outsole with 100 molded tractions bars and over 800 tractions angles. Guaranteed grip in all conditions. Get the insights on this wear resistant material.



Known as “The Big Easy” for his incredibly smooth and seemingly effortless swing.



We do not create great players. We create the shoes that help them stay on top of their game.



The ECCO Tour is part of the European Challenge tour. Our Danish satellite golf tour has seven Nordic League tournaments and a grand finale. The total tour breakdown is 440.000 euros. Nordic League ranking points are up for grabs, and players qualify for a Tour Final. Top 20 on the final Order of Merit are invited to play the final with winners of the regular tournaments.