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Corporate - 01-07-2014
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Nystiftet fond overtager Schackenborg Slot

D.K.H. Prins Joachim og Prinsesse Marie har af familiehensyn besluttet at flytte til Københavnsområdet. I den forbindelse overdrages Schackenborg Slot til en nystiftet fond.
People - 16-06-2014

ECCO Leather takes on challenges

The ECCO Leather Hot Shop 007 invites top designers from around the world to join forces and challenge the possibilities within leather.
Trend - 26-05-2014

An urban retreat

Pack your bags for an escape to your favourite city in the world – or book tickets for a totally new city experience.
Golf - 15-05-2014

ECCO Golf launches special edition

ECCO is launching a limited edition of the award-winning BIOM Hybrid shoe. This special edition will only be available in Denmark.
Trend - 05-05-2014

The perfect day of summer

Embrace the sun by wearing a pair of bright yellow ECCO TOUCH 15s, which will look absolutely amazing with sun kissed skin.
Corporate - 24-04-2014

ECCO extends partnership with Design School Kolding

The innovative joint venture between ECCO and Design School Kolding is extended until the end 2016 – a shoe design education is established with the aim to attract students from around the world.

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