Events - 19/09/2016

Donate money with your feet: Combining an active lifestyle with charity

More than 12,000 people participated in the ECCO Walkathon in Copenhagen, raising DKK 800,000 for charity organisations. 

A beautiful September day with 25 degrees and sunshine set the backdrop for this year’s ECCO Walkathon, which saw a total of 12,000 participants.

This year, DKK 800,000 were donated to the two charity organisations; the Danish Heart Foundation and SOS Children’s Villages. The money donated to the Danish Heart Foundation help to take precautionary measures in heart diseases, while the SOS Children’s Villages supports orphans and marginalised children in Cambodia. 

“It is a win-win situation to participate in an ECCO Walkathon. As a participant you do something good for yourself by walking, while at the same time doing something good for others as ECCO donates DKK 7,5 for each kilometre you walk,” says Manager of Consumer Concepts, Vivi Okholm:

“This means, that each year we can donate large sums to the Danish Heart Foundation and The SOS Children’s Villages. We always collaborate with the two NGO’s to find exactly the right project to benefit from ECCO’s donation, and we carefully follow up on each project”.

In ECCO, the company value ‘care’ is engrained into the company culture and code of conduct. Combined with the brand philosophy supporting an active lifestyle, walking for charity and donating money with your feet goes hand in hand with the ECCO spirit.
Since the first ECCO Walkathon, more than 47,000 participants have donated money with their feet, walking what corresponds to 10 times around the world and collected DKK 31 million to charity.

During the next months, ECCO Walkathon continues it’s tour through the country to Odense (24/9), Aalborg (11/10) and Kolding (15/10).

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